We encourage costumes too!

Wiener Dog races

One of the biggest highlights and most entertaining events every year is our Wiener dog races.  Registration will begin at noon on Saturday and continue until 3pm.  The races will begin at 4pm.  The dogs will be assigned different heats and the winner of each will continue.  This is how the race will work, one owner or friend of the dog will be at the start line with the dog, the other owner/friend of the dog will be at the finish line.  You may use a prop such as a tennis ball for the dog to chase but the dog has to race on his own accord to the finish line.  Yes, it must be a Wiener dog to race although we invite all dogs to the festival as long as they are leashed (and ok with the fact that there will be a lot of little dogs everywhere).  The track is approximately 40 feet long.  The winner will have his or her name engraved on the "Stimpy Cup" to be on display in Ogden Tap Room.  A costume contest will be judged by the crowd after the races are complete!

This is Rich and his wife Colette who run the Wiener dog races.  They also own 4 Wiener dogs themselves, 2 of which are rescues!

​Animal Avengers of North Carolina is a local charity helping rescued dogs find their "furever" home.  They take the time and care to make sure the dogs temperament and manners are of high standards before releasing them for adoption.

Pretty in Pink foundation is a local charity that provides financial help and support to women in our community afflicted with breast cancer who are either uninsured or underinsured.

Pumpkin painting for the little ones.

​​The​Wilmington Oktoberfest at

The "Stimpy" Cup.  Along side Rich and Colette who run the Wiener Dog Races for us every year.

Animal Avengers of North Carolina

Wilmington Oktoberfest will donate $1,000 to the Animal Avengers of North Carolina. 

Yes, even big dogs are allowed to come out, dress up and have some fun.  They just can't race.  Those long legs give them an unfair advantage.